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WSH Personnel

SRD is the top leading risk & safety consultant in Singapore. Our services are diverse and our experts have decades of experience backed by their skills and professionalism.

Working With The Best WSH Personnels

At SRD Pte Ltd, we provide a comprehensive range of services to meet your workplace safety needs.

Our team of experienced WSH Professionals, including WSH Officers, Coordinators, and Environmental Control Officers, ensures compliance with regulations and implementation of effective safety measures.

Additionally, we offer specialized roles such as Work at Height and Confined Space Assessors, along with documentation procedures like Risk Assessment and Safe Work Procedures, to create a safe and healthy work environment for your organization.

WSH Professionals ensure workplace safety.
Specialized roles assess specific risks.
Documentation procedures identify workplace hazards.
Safe Work Procedures mitigate risks.
OHS Management System ensures compliance.
SRD Pte Ltd provides comprehensive solutions.

Solutions & Benefits

We offer comprehensive services tailored to meet your workplace safety needs, ranging from WSH professionals’ expertise to specialized roles and documentation procedures. Our services not only ensure regulatory compliance but also enhance workplace safety, reduce risks, and improve overall organizational performance.

Compliance Services Specialized Roles Documentation and Procedures

WSH Professionals include WSH Officers (WSHO), WSH Coordinators (WSHC), Environmental Control Officers (ECO), Earth Control Measures Officers (ECMO), and Fire Safety Managers (FSM).

They oversee various aspects of workplace safety and health, ensuring compliance with regulations and implementing safety measures to protect employees.

These professionals play a critical role in creating a culture of safety within the organization and conducting regular training to promote awareness and compliance.

  • Enforce safety standards effectively.
  • Coordinate safety measures efficiently.
  • Monitor environmental conditions diligently.

Specialized roles such as Work at Height Assessor/Supervisor and Confined Space Assessor focus on specific safety concerns within the workplace.

These professionals assess risks and develop strategies to ensure the safety of workers in challenging environments.

They also provide guidance and supervision to ensure that safety protocols are followed correctly during work activities.

  • Assess specific risks accurately.
  • Ensure safety protocols meticulously.
  • Provide supervision and guidance proficiently.

Documentation and procedures play a crucial role in managing occupational health and safety.

This includes conducting Risk Assessments to identify hazards, implementing Safe Work Procedures to mitigate risks, and establishing an OHS Management System to ensure consistent safety practices.

Proper documentation and procedures not only help prevent accidents but also provide a framework for continuous improvement and accountability within the organization.

  • Identify workplace hazards accurately.
  • Mitigate potential risks promptly.
  • Ensure legal compliance consistently.

Benefit Of Service

Compliance assurance through audits
Tailored risk management solutions
Ensures regulatory compliance
Robust OHS management support
Consultancy for safety culture
Ongoing compliance assistance

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the roles of WSH Professionals in the workplace?
WSH Professionals, including WSH Officers (WSHO), WSH Coordinators (WSHC), Environmental Control Officers (ECO), Earth Control Measures Officers (ECMO), and Fire Safety Managers (FSM), are responsible for ensuring compliance with workplace safety and health regulations. They oversee various aspects such as environmental control, fire safety, and risk management to maintain a safe working environment.
What are the specialized roles in workplace safety and health?
Specialized roles in workplace safety and health include Work at Height Assessor/Supervisor and Confined Space Assessor. These professionals are trained to assess and manage risks associated with specific work environments and activities, ensuring the safety of workers who perform tasks at height or in confined spaces.
What documentation and procedures are essential for occupational health and safety management?
Key documentation and procedures for occupational health and safety management include Risk Assessment, Safe Work Procedures, and the implementation of an OHS Management System. These tools help organizations identify hazards, mitigate risks, and establish protocols to ensure the safety and well-being of workers.
How can WSH Professionals contribute to a safer work environment?
WSH Professionals play a crucial role in promoting a culture of safety by conducting risk assessments, developing safe work procedures, and overseeing the implementation of OHS management systems. Their expertise and proactive approach help minimize accidents and injuries, protecting both employees and the organization.

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